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You can update your personal membership/contact data for the THPA Secretary by clicking on the link below. This data is used by the THPA Secretary to keep the THPA Membership list current for contact purpose, any other needs that might arise which is deamed necessay by the THPA Secretary or THPA Officers. The data collected here will only be avaiable to the THPA Secretary - Bill Campbell for updating THPA Membership list and by the THPA Webmaster - Wayne Callicoatte for transfering the data to THPA Secretary. None of the data will be made available  to the public. Your first and last name, NHPA number and pitching catagory will be displayed after after you submit the form so that you will know your data has updated. All data from this update form will be deleted upon transfer to THPA Secreetary. 



Membership update form (click here to access the update form) 





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