Junior THPA Scholarship Rules

(Updated June 5, 2013)


1.Must maintain a B average or better for the entire senior year. Must also submit school transcript or copy of report card for verification and record keeping purposes.


2.Must be a member of NHPA/THPA for four years beginning with the freshman year of high school and still be a member upon graduation.


3.Must actively participate in your club and all State Sanctioned Tournaments by being a scorekeeper, judge, helping with the pits, welcoming other junior pitchers, or anything to help with the Tournament.


4.Must qualify for State Singles for 3 years, pitch in 2 State Singles Tournaments and pitch in at least 2 sanctioned tournaments the year you don’t qualify for State to be eligible for a scholarship. (NHPA RULE: A Junior must be 18 years old or younger the full calendar year to pitch as a junior.)


5.The 4th Vice-President reserves the right to discuss all qualifications and scholarship awards with the scholarship committee.  The committee consists of the THPA officers.


6.Scholarships will be awarded when the 4th Vice President receives proof of payment of registration into an institution of higher learning such as a trade school, vocational school, junior college, university, etc.


7.A junior who joins too late to meet the above qualifications will be awarded a partial scholarship if they meet all of the other qualifications. The junior must be a member for at least two years to be considered for a partial scholarship.  The amount of the scholarship will be determined by the 4th Vice President.


8.All juniors that meet all qualifications will be awarded a scholarship.  The 4th Vice President reserves the right to determine the amount of the scholarship.


9.The base amount of a full THPA scholarship will be $1000. An additional $250 will be awarded for each State title won. An additional $150 will be awarded for each “Coke Bowker” award recipient. The 4th VP reserves the right to change the base amount, State title, and “Coke Bowker” recipient amount based upon available funding.


10.Scholarship money for any eligible junior will be held for one year from the fall semester following the date of their graduation.  This is allowing a junior up to one year to enter an institution of higher learning.  In the rare instance where a junior graduates earlier than May of their senior year, then the scholarship money will be held for one year from the date of their graduation. It is the responsibility of the junior to contact the 4th VP during this one year period deadline to receive eligible scholarship money.




For further information, please contact:


John Allison – 4th Vice President, Junior Program


(817) 598-9531


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