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The Texas Horseshoe Pitchers Association

THPA 2017 Meetings at State Singles Tournament 

Sept. 29 - Oct. 1

Officers Meeting Agenda 9-29-17 6:30 P.M. 

General Meeting Agenda 9-29-17 7:30 P.M.



2017 Texas Entries to World Tournament

Texas WT Results 


2016 Hall of Fame Inducties

Doris Hieden and Bill Campbell


Horseshoe Pitching Newsline - World Tournament Special 2017 (NHPA  Newsletter)




Joining Coyce Allen (Chairman), Wayne Callicoatte, Ron Maroon and myself on the Rules/Advisory Committee will be Randy Johnson, Frank Bator and Gene Meyer. Our goal is to develop a revised By-Laws document that is simple as possible while concise and understandable.

Brooks Symank 


2017 THPA Winter Meeting Minutes

2017 Officers Winter Meeting Agenda

2017 Winter Meeting Agenda






The revised By-Laws Rewrite will be on the 2017 Ballot at the State Tournament. As it is not practical to print the entire By-Laws document in the Ringer, it will be distributed in a manor so that it is available to ALL THPA members as follows:

  • It will  be posted  on the web-site
  • Each officer has a copy and will attach in an e-mail, if requested
  • A hard copy will be mailed, if requested.

I hope that everyone will take time to review this document and vote their desire. Remember, you can vote at the State Singles Tournament or you may request an absentee ballot from me.


A sample ballot has been posted in the Ringer and on the web-site. If you are not going to be able to vote at the State Tournament, you may request an absentee ballot prior to Sept. 4, 2017. Request for absentee ballot should be made to Brooks Symank: 254-223-2719 or brooks.symank@gmail.com.




2017 Sample Election Ballot



Rationale for Proposed THPA Bylaw Changes


By-Laws Re-Write







We all know that the passing of Nick was a tremendous loss and he had great plans to help members of each club to understand the proposed bylaw changes.

Since we were unable to complete the review/education portion of the process, I have a couple of concerns.

  • My first concern is that some of our members may not completely understand the rational for the various types of changes.
  • Secondly, I’m not positive that we have captured 100% of the feedback that Nick received from the members. 
  • Many feel that the PBC’s will be a tremendous improvement to our current Bylaws and would like to see them voted on this year.
  • I feel that postponing the vote until next year will be a benefit to the THPA in a couple of ways.
    • Postponement will allow additional time for a more thorough membership review and understanding.
    • It will also allow the R/A Committee time to complete the last remaining article before submitting the PBC’s for vote.                          

I suggest that our plans moving forward include the following:

  • Provide a hard copy of the PBC’s to everyone attending the State Singles Tournament.  
  • Mail a copy to the members who did not attend the tournament or do not have an e-mail address.
  • Request that all additional suggestions be submitted to the RAC no later than November 1st, 2017.
  • RAC to provide drafts for review at the next Winter Meeting.



This should assure us that sufficient opportunities are provided for everyone's voice to be heard and that all suggestions are taken into consideration before submitting the proposed changes for vote.

FYI – The Officers have previously reviewed and agreed to postpone the vote.





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