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Where to find Commonly

Encountered NHPA Rules


Pitching Rotation

Rule 7, Pg 16


Appropriate NHPA

Member Conduct

Rule 12, Pg 20


Doubles Play Rules

(Regular or Walking)

Guideline 1, Page 29


Calling the Score &

Hand Signals

Guideline 2, Pg 29



THPA Bylaws &

Standing Rules (SR)

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Where to find Commonly

Encountered THPA Rules


How to become a Member

Bylaws, Article 4, Page 1


How to become an Officer

ByLaws, Section 4, Page 4


Proposing a Bylaws Amendment

Bylaws, Article IX, Pg 7 - 8


Contestant Requirements

for State Events

SR 1, Pg 9


State Events Hosting

Club Rotation

SR 7, 8, & 9, Pgs 10 - 13


State Events

Entry Requirements

SR 8

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